Leading Supplier of Bulk Rock Salt

Corrigan Environmental Solutions is a leading supplier of bulk rock salt in the state of Michigan.  Our premium-quality product has a concentration of at least 93-95% sodium chloride, making it an excellent choice for deicing conditions on highways, roads, parking lots, walkways and more.  Due to its affordability and ease-of-use, our rock salt is perfect for large scale applications.

Not all rock salt is created equally – it has numerous properties that can vary depending on where it is sourced from, how it is stored, and whether or not it has been treated.  Corrigan Environmental Solutions stocks and maintains the highest quality for maximum performance.

Sodium Chloride Concentration

  • Our high-quality salts consist of at least 93-95% sodium chloride.

ASTM Compliant

  • Our road salt meets the ASTM D632 Standards.

Low Moisture Content

  • Maximum moisture content of 2% to yield better results upon application.

Anti-Caking Agent

  • Anti-caking agent treatment to prevent clumping.

Bulk Availability

  • Bulk rock salt is available in 25 and 50 ton loads to meet your individual needs.

Blue /White Color

  • Directly sourced with high levels of quality control.