Corrigan Environmental Solutions offers a wide range of athletic field products to ensure that your playing field is safe and well maintained.


Rain? puddles? No problem.

Our 100% Clay GAMETIME H20/ABZORB ™ drying agent can be used to absorb excess moisture of any turf area, infield-skinned surfaces, mound and home plate areas and warning tracks. The drying agent’s professional sized graduation provides the durability and absorption to reduce rain delays and eliminate rainouts.

  • Improves surface playability fast, promoting surface safety
  • Provides a durable foundation for batter’s boxes
  • Professional sized particles
  • Works fast to improve and dry your field to get back to playing the game

GAMETIME™ Pitchers Mound / Batters Box CLAY

GAMETIME Pitchers Mound Clay is screened, heavy clay with a natural red color, this heavy clay has higher clay content than average products on the market. GAMETIME Pitchers Mound Clay can be used in conjunction with other products or as a stand-alone, every day maintenance clay, this clay can be used to construct, rebuild, or repair pitcher’s mounds, and catcher’s and batter’s boxes.

  • Heavy clay for building and marinating pitchers mound
  • Provides playable surface that is firm, yet percolates
  • High rate of percolation
  • Higher clay content for greater compaction
  • Easily conforms to high-stress areas
  • Great for constructing and repairing pitcher’s mounds and home plate areas
  • High density clay, which helps to reduct maintenance
  • Red in color
  • ASTM approved


GAMETIME White strip field marking powder is bright white premium marking powder that is safe and easy to use on any field of play. It complies with the NCAA rules for athletic marking powders and can be used on baseball, softball, football, soccer or any athletic field..

  • Easy to apply
  • Economical
  • Bright white color
  • Easy flowing for consistent coverage
  • Non-caking, non-caustic, and non-irritating to eyes and skin
  • Complies with NCAA and NSFH official rules and Official Little League Handbook regulations
  • Used on any athletic field


GAMETIME STRIP-IT aerosol cans have uniform coverage with quick drying results, crisp lines, perfect for marking all athletic fields.

Designed with the end user in mind, our finger-friendly applicator features a wide surface area for one-finger use. The spray nozzle is uniquely designed to sit out of the way of your finger, resulting in no more paint on your fingertips. Fits in most competitions’ aerosol machines. Made in the USA.

  • No hard setting at bottom of a can.
  • More paint extracted from a can than competitors.
  • Water-based, eco-friendly.
  • Sale for all turf fields.
  • Low VOC formula.
  • Can be used on damp turf.
  • Long shelf life.


GAMETIME STRIP-IT bulk paint delivers high marks in quality and quantity. Available in 5-gallon containers, its vibrant appearance and lasting durability result in a longer shelf life at cost that won’t dry up your budget. GAMETIME STRIPE-IT bulk paint is formulated for striping lines on grass fields, cinder, dirt and other natural playing surfaces. it will not stain clothing or blur with rough use. These athletic field products are ideally used on football, soccer, baseball and golf courses.

  • High visibility and vivid line-markings under any lighting condition.
  • Durable and resilient under even the most sever weather.
  • Better coverage, easy to apply and dries quickly.
  • Low VOC formula.
  • Won’t harm grass or stunt its growth.