Dust Control Solutions for Residential, Municipal and Business

When unpaved roads are not properly maintained or treated, they can lead to a variety of hazardous issues caused by heavy dust clouds, potholes, washboards and ruts.

Corrigan Environmental Solutions is your industry leader in dust control solutions, suppressing road dust and eliminating deterioration of thousands of miles of unpaved roads within our service area.  Because our DEQ approved mineral well brine is a calcium chloride (CaCl2) based product it creates a hygroscopic layer on unpaved roads to absorb moisture from the air. With absorption of moisture in surrounding air binds particles together to create a hard and compact road surface.  The dust control application service we provide is very important to our customers and the unpaved infrastructures within their communities. 

Why is dust control important?

back sprayer dust control

Driver Safety

  • Reduced visibility
  • Reduced vehicle traction
  • Reduced stopping distances

Vehicle Damage

  • Loose gravel thrown by tires = cracked windshields
  • Loose gravel can chip paint, chrome and headlights
  • Tires, rims and steering systems

Hazards to Health

  • Irritation to eyes, nose, throat and lungs
  • Coughing and asthmatic reactions
  • Difficulty breathing

Quality of Life

  • Discourages outdoor activities
  • Increased time spent cleaning home and windows
  • Increased time spend cleaning vehicles and outdoor equipment
red pick up truck on dusty road

Dust Control Cost Saving Benefits

Industry average cost savings to maintain treated unpaved roads: +30%

Reduced blading required: up 50% per season

Re-Graveling can be extended
double the normal timeframe

Let the Corrigan Environmental Solutions team of experts provide the proper consultation to CONTROL all of your dusty road needs!   

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